Capitalism is an asymmetric system

Capitalists produce for market, but a part is committed and other is estimated in base to general statistics of earnings in potential markets, in population statistics and so on. Some times capitalists engage in war prices to defeat competence. Crisis is not explicable for normal behavior of capitalist system such as expressed for Adam Smith, David Ricardo and Karl Marx.
Capitalism is an asymmetric system, thing that is not considered by classic economy. Asymmetry means several levels of development between regions. In second place, dominant state by all means look to maintain this different high development level vs low development level with other states by diplomacy, by bribes and by war. This is the history of capitalism.
Crisis appears first in low level developed countries. Marx in some place recognizes that crisis occur first in France at industrial level and after in England at commercial level.
Is easy to demonstrate with the concept of change value that there is a transfer of circulate capital to high level developed country or region. Dominant state enforce this status quo.

Peter Drucker said that until 1980 all crises begin in underdeveloped countries with fall in prices in prime matter and some time after some problems occur in developed countries. An also after 1980 there are crisis in underdeveloped countries and nothing in developed world explaining this by tiny economies of third world in relation with first world.
In this vision of capitalist system, State has a very important roll in economy.
Symmetric image of capitalism has lead some Marxists like Chinese to accept relations with capitalist dominant country (USA) to locally have few plus value while capitalists obtain big profit in international trade. In the middle they do enslaving workers.

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