General historic problem

I think that boundary or frontier region near a high developed region must be revised. Boundary regions are affected of extreme misery. That extreme misery is the result of trade interchange between highly developed and low developed regions or countries. In this conditions uprise belief like muslim actual and ancient. In extreme misery “universally valid and binding standards of knowledge and action” are builded with the intelectual resources and ideas at scope. Muslims have bring ideas from Jews, from Christians and create or receive his proper belief. They did make a synthesis. But the problem yet exists, a misery that permeates all. In the boundaries of ancient China several such movements begin. Just now in borders of USA, there are in Mexico boundary several groups that develop belief and apply that to everyone. The problem not is to complain on this kind of belief but to understand the unequal trade between regions with different development level or to regulate commerce between regions with different modes of production and different of distribution modes. This problem is skipped by marxists and by economists of all kind.

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