Neo-liberalism, critic to a speech on youtube video

This speech on neo-liberalism omits fundamental questions. Economic system begin XX century from military dominion of England on world commerce, concreted in social elites over the world that are fitted to this dominion. Description of this dominion was clear by America independence fighters. Who signal hard taxes on artisan, farmers and manufactures and low prices in prime matter. English supremacy was continuation of Napoleon Bonaparte defeat in 1815 and US-England war in 1820 stalemate. Like Persian and another empires, England submit defeated countries and make war using France and her army to submit other countries

England dominion system causes in all countries unsupportable misery and hungry states. England speak of free trade when was necessary to sustain her oppression system but several times, England don’t need to speak, deplorable states were sustained by France or other countries like Brazil in wars as Brazil Triple Alliance war against Paraguay 1864-70. England system suffers a defeat in France-Prussian war 1871.

American industry was colonized by England capitals and begin a monopoly system on beginning manufactures. This one was battled by American manufacturers opposition what produces anti-monopolies laws and corresponding control organs. This fight counter monopolies was triumph after 1929 great depression that Roosevelt develops a state intervention in economy. Roosevelt limits monopolies but no eliminate that at all. Several monopolies must to accept business as normal and not to put monopoly price to they merchandise. For example oil industry, that is England capitals and standard-oil capitals dominated. Many economists made a cover-up of Roosevelt politics, a societal reality, and give credits to John Maynard Keynes. Of this guy only remember what a functionary of British East India Monopoly Company was.

Here we can to consider video on Neo-liberalism, Roosevelt as govern was result of a long fight between American people and they manufacturers against monopolies.

Partisans of international monopolies defeated remain in hibernation state. This was the Neo-liberalism seedbeds.

Economic crisis were maintained faraway by anti-monopolies politics but causes were not suppressed. Too many countries were obliged to consume few merchandise and this originates crisis. By 1974 economic crisis explode. And to skip some consequences Kissinger China accords were signed. Main question resolved was low profit in manufacture.

Monopolies augment their power and appears Neo-liberalism as reality triumphant first an after as triumphant speech.

Big production in China first was competitions in all markets but after appear a jam in merchandise, neo-liberalism attacks state institutions that protect local markets from dumping coming from China bring by old monopolies. Political financial and military power was exerted on local elites to suppress manufacture support, and old assemble factories were suppressed. Free market speech was cover up of these military and political driven actions.

Fight counter neo-liberalism must to base in anti-monopoly criteria, but sufficiently informed of history of monopolies that is not said in video referenced. The only one exit to defeat misery and Neo-liberalism is to disrupt power concentration that fall in monopolies practices with exclusion of monopolists of economic activity and condemns to prison to violators.

Francisco Roberto Viera 2019

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