Note en The Guardian On Venezuelan polls

Capitalist oppression has two main ways, one is Neo liberal politics with privatization of public services and low wages, and dismiss health access of workers, oppressive anti-terrorist apparatus and other evils. Second way is socialist approach like Chinese socialism system with suppression of transit liberty, no health labor conditions, and no environment regulations.
Chavez is in second class of capitalistic politics. Union labor operators are prosecuted; worker union polls are voided for government, Legal establishment make trials without end to union members, with presentation obliged each week to judge. PDVSA state oil is replaced for mixed enterprises with “seven sisters” oil companies. In place of national industries, maquilas of Chinese electronics. 80% of frequencies in TV, Radio are in hands of state to spread Chavez system praises.
Oil profits are augmented for work of Chinese people in isolated conditions and where militarized siege impedes Venezuelans to enter.
Also Chavez participates of Wall Street putting Venezuelan bonds in hands of Goldman and Sachs. Chavez did permits a Wall Street firm take a hostile buy of “Electricidad de Caracas” national private company.
Collaboration with Wall Street speculative bubbles such food bubble of 2008 when in Venezuela Government buys millions of tons of food that after was burned. Also Chavez has a premium action in 2011-2012 Gold bubble when transport gold from England to Venezuela with big nationalistic discourse.
Main coincidence between Capitalistic Wall Street and Chavez is suppression liberty of information and they want down wages under media silence.
And the oil bubble is a big business between Chavez and capitalists.
Venezuelan’s inflation produces very low real wages and additionally, minimum salary is augmented but others wages above the minimum last unchanged, this means a general down in wages.

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